EFx Technology

After years of Test Technology stagnation, we are going to revolutionize the market
and offer a multifunction electrical Test at speed of an optical Test.
The Electrical Fotography EFx

ATEip EFx Tester Technology

ATEip EFx Technology

Our new EFx Technology allows to intergrate Full Parallel ICT, Sequential ICT and Functional Test into one device. EFx uses the new and parallel One Tester per Channel (OTpC) Method:
- Test time reduction by factor >>>10
- Measurements of all assembled components simultanously
- Measurement of all multi panel BUT in parallel
- No electromechanical relay matrix
- Measurement on powered boards 
- Full scalability of the hardware  

ATEip EFx Tester (Example)

Multi Site In-Circuit Test in Milli Seconds, Multi Site On Board Programming and Functional  Test based on one Tester Per Channel (OTpC) Architecture: 
- Synchronous Current- / Voltage Souce and Measurement 
- Digitizer & Scope 
- Logic Analyzer 
- Digital I/O Funtionality
Our Testers are easy integrateble in your production line. With our high speed parallel approach we debottleneck your fab.